Little Piggy!

I have this strange obsession with pigs mostly because I was born the year of the pig. Actually, and because they’re cute and intelligent. But, I don’t have a pig stuffed animal…Oliver doesn’t count because that Old-McDonald-singing pig was my sister’s.

I found this pattern at Material Possessions. It’s the Rumpled Quilt Skins pig. This is my first time making a stuffed animal, so I guess a rumply looking fat pig would be forgiving. Some of my imperfect sewing lead to some…pig chub around the legs. 1/4″ seams do NOT do well for me, especially if I have to wash an finished seams in the machine AFTER sewing. Argh, it caused me much grief at times. I wanted to shrink the pattern to make a smaller companion pig without quilting or rumpling, but I don’t know if I want to deal w/ 1/4″ seams again or even smaller ones at that! Yikes!

The tail’s my favorite part. I had fun making it. Most because I could just sew without following a line, and I could stuff it full of stuffing. SO cute. It curls!

I had some trouble quilting, because I suck at quilting really. I figured I should try doing some free-motion quilting, but I couldn’t figure out how to keep my stitches straight and it felt funny. I was too excited to have a piggy anyway. So I abandoned that idea. Not necessarily a smart choice…do you know how tough it is to sew a circle?! I had to keep redoing the circles because I couldn’t end the circle where I started it. Let me not start on the fact the legs and feet and snout were circles, too…

I also kinda made the mistake of forgetting to quilt some pieces before sewing them together. This resulted in me having to stuff the piggy from its exposed back instead of its floor-facing belly. Darnit! So instead I took extra care in sewing little piggy shut.

Paisley obviously has no interest in piggy. Oh well. I guess she thinks she’s dirty? Hah. No, more like my cat is looking for either a plastic bag to play with (ugh, so dumb sometimes) or her box of catnip which I’ve hidden away. Bwa ha ha ha!!! Actually, I’m just glad she isn’t pawing at my porky buddy.

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4 Responses to Little Piggy!

  1. Kel says:

    That’s right, Oliver is MINE.

  2. ToadyJoe says:

    Cute! I did the lion, at Christmas time. Pics in my flickr or on my blog, if you’re interested.

  3. tc heiner says:

    ok, your blog is really funny. love the pig. gotta have one now.

    by the way, loved your amy butler bag at the contest as well — was jealous of it. it was really cool. i expected you to win or be at least one of the runner ups.

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