Table Runner for the Nonexistent Table

This month’s project for FADSA is the pin-tucked table runner. When they announced it, the first thing I thought was, “Crap. Our dining table is ROUND.”

Well, not really. Our dining table is actually a long wooden table that can seat eight. However, we usually prefer to sit at the round pub table in the kitchen.

So, since we rarely use the dining table, it seemed kind of silly to make a table runner for it. Actually, that’s not really why I didn’t make a table runner for it. Here’s why:

That’s right, it has been completely transformed into my sewing/crafty table. I mean, we never used it! I originally used just a small corner (where the black chair is) and we would move the sewing machine when we needed the table for big events (Thanksgiving dinner, for example). But in the last year, I guess I spread my wings a bit, so to speak.

So what was I supposed to do? At first I toyed with the idea to make a circular type table runner, but I hate sewing circles, so I ruled that out. Then I tried to think of anyone who could use a table runner. Nada. Then, the idea morphed into making a “placemat” for my cats because they just get food EVERYWHERE. I think I got a bit carried away there because then I was thinking of using vinyl or oil cloth in the mix. However, all that involved buying a Teflon foot, which I was too lazy to deal with at the time. So after many thoughts of what to do, I came up with this:

It’s a monitor cover for my monitor. It drapes from the top and onto the desk to cover the keyboard. I usually cover it for two reasons:

1) Dust
2) Curious cat noses

Originally, I used an ugly, old, and plain pillow case. Which worked fine, but it’s…ugly. So, this was my winning idea. I made one for Dickson, too. I’ll post pics of it once he gets the chance to use it in his room. It’s super sleek.

Anyway, so my ‘new’ thing I did for this project was some ‘serious’ embroidering. I’ve always just done running stitches or back stitches when I hand embroidered stuff, so I thought this would be a good time to try out some fancy stuff. I found a cute tutorial at The Purl Bee for these pillows, and I knew I had to try it. I’ve never done French knots before, and now I can tell you, I’ve done A LOT. It looks cool though! I like them! I might actually make some pillows!

Don’t ask me how many knots there are because I’m way too lazy to count. I also used a stem stitch and back stitch to make a stem and leaf to make this big exploding ball of knots into a flower.

So from all this, I learned that sometimes I have to be not-so-lazy and use an embroidery hoop. Originally I wasn’t using one, and I got through about five or six knots before the fabric pinched and it looked really bad. Bah. So I dug out Mom’s stash of embroider hoops (geez, she really DOES have everything!), snipped out all the hard worked knots I had messed up on, and restarted.

The backing fabric is Color Theory by Robert Kaufman fabrics. I spent a lot of time browsing Jenny’s Fabrics (good for Robert Kaufman and Alexander Henry fabrics) the other day and I finally found this gem. It worked really well with my huge knot-flower.

It put three pin tucks on this one. I do like the look of the pin tucks. I might use them for pillow cases in the future. They were super easy, too.

The one thing I’m not 100% happy about is how easily this yellow fabric wrinkles. The fabric I got for Dickson’s “table running monitor cover” is the same type of fabric, but it doesn’t wrinkle/show wrinkles as much. Maybe this light color thing is the problem. Oh well. It’s still a lot better than my old pillowcase.

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2 Responses to Table Runner for the Nonexistent Table

  1. Lynn says:

    Man, you’re fast! I think I have a circular table too… Your monitor cover looks great!

  2. Sakshi says:

    I just love your blog. You are so creative and funny.
    The Monitor cover looks fabulous. I so do not agree that you’re lazy as you keep saying on all your blogs because making these knots must’ve been one heck of a task!
    BTW, how did you make the pin tucks? with the special pintuck foot? or by floding, ironing anf then top stitching? curious…

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