Fish is Good, Stress is Bad

It seems like ages since I last blogged. It seems like eons since I sewed anything. But, I have recently spent some time with my grill:

Dickson and I grilled some fish with my little Smokey Joe that I bought for Labor Day. The fish came from Costco–three HUGE rainbow trouts. We ate two, and saved the third one for the next night’s dinner. They were delicious!

We’re such a great team: Dickson cleaned, I seasoned. Then, Dickson grilled, and I sat and looked pretty. I was also the plate holder!

I got a new cup this weekend, too. It’s AWESOME. I love Life is Good.

Life HAS to be good, right? Top it off, this past weekend also consisted of us getting tickets see Dave Matthews Band in August! YAY! We got good seats, too! I’m super excited.

Lately school has been making me super stressed. Dickson has gotten the blunt of it. I’m constantly complaining, stressing out, freaking out, worrying, you name it. I’ve been dreaming about my homework, and even in my dreams I’m unable to come up with one of those solutions that don’t really work in real life. The shut-eye lately has been, to say the least, poor. Only a month and a half left for school, THANK GOODNESS.

I think the lack of sewing is also contributing to my stress. Isn’t that sad? I haven’t actually sewn since before Spring Break. I can imagine how much happier I’ll be once I sit down and sew for a bit. I signed up for the Bend the Rules to Sewing swap, so that’s in the list this month. There’s also an apron for this month’s FADSA, so that’s in the works as well. Hopefully both of those projects will be easy. Ugh, right, I still have my graduation dress which is kind of important. Maybe that’ll be done first.

Oh, did I mention Sew Mama Sew is having a tutorial writing contest? Yeah, I plan to do that, too, although I’m not sure what to write one for. Maybe the TJ Tote, or maybe I’ll tackle transforming one of my jeans into a skirt and tutorialize that. I’m postponing anything related to bike tubes because of how long it takes me to work with them. And I haven’t decided how to approach that tutorial.

Oh hey, it’s been a year since I started sewing again 🙂 My how time flies.
Completed PJ Pants

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1 Response to Fish is Good, Stress is Bad

  1. Lynn says:

    Dave Matthews? Chris will be so jealous…

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