The HUGE Birthday Bag

Just for the record, I have been working on my big sewing list. I’ve actually made more than just the book tote tutorial in my previous post. Here’s one of my recent finished items:

Big Bday Bag

This bag was for my cousin‘s birthday. The pictures don’t really show just how big it is. I’ll have to ask her to take a picture of it. It’s HUGE. I wanted to put my cat in it, but Dickson shook his head and said that she would be displeased…

I found the red fabric at JoAnn’s, and the rest of the bag is basically made of burlap. Now I can officially say that I’ve worked with burlap and that I HATE working with burlap. It gets EVERYWHERE. Don’t get me wrong, the texture resulted in a really cool looking bag, but when working with it and cutting it, it seemed to shed more than my cat!

Big Bag closeup

I found the buttons at JoAnn’s, too. It took me quite some time to find them. Oooh, I forgot to mention that I made two strap lengths for this bag. Granted, I’d use the longer ones for such a big bag. This was also the first time I finally successfully using binding for the top of my bag. I’ve always wondered how to get the thread to catch the back side, but this tutorial from Amy Karol made me realize the simple trick. I’m super excited to practice bias binding tape again.

Inside Big Bag

The inside of the bag is my cute piggy fabric from my precious Taiwan stash. Lynn and I were both born the year of the pig, so I thought it’d be appropriate since we have total pig-pride. 😀

Anyway, happy birthday Cousin!

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2 Responses to The HUGE Birthday Bag

  1. Lynn says:

    Yeah, you definitely can’t tell how big the bag is by looking at it there. Maybe I’ll put Lucy in it. I’m having trouble with the straps, they keep falling off the buttons! I may experiment with them, or I may just sew the long straps on… Thanks for the bag I love it! (and I don’t think I’m ever going to work with burlap…)

  2. Yvette says:

    WOOHOO I got the BTRS swap bag and I LOVE it!! Thank you thank you thank you! And I knew right away that it was the Opera House :o) I will hopefully post on my blog in the next day or so – thanks again!

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