During finals week, I’m always finding ways to distract myself.  This year was no exception.  I took a week off from work to study/cram, and of course, on Monday this pile of joy graced the kitchen:

(obviously I’m super happy)

That’s right, five packages.  3 from UPS, 2 from USPS.  What could they be?

First, lets cover the cool crafty stuff.  I received my BTRSswap bag from Nicole

Such a great bag!  I used it for school a couple times later that week when I grudgingly went to office hours and exams hah.  It did cheer me up as I bounced down the parking structure stairs while counting the days till graduation.  Dickson even said the color combo was really nice.  It’s totally me, although it’s not what I’d usually pick out.  So it’s like the me that I don’t realize is in me?  Right…this is a sign my brain is in vacation mode already.

The smallest package was a pair of earrings I bought from Etsy.  Gorgeous!  I have to slowly build up my earring collection since I’ve come to realize that I have a nickel allergy and all my earrings contain nickel 😦  Boohoo.

The biggest box was the one I was waiting for all weekend:

Yep, I got a new computer!  My old HP laptop finally bit the dust earlier in the week by getting a stupid virus.  For anyone that knows me and computers, I’m really really obsessive compulsive about virus scans and keeping my computer from being attacked.  So, even with all that, my computer still decides to get sick.  ROAR.  So I got a Mac.  Meet my new black MacBook.  😀

The rest of the mail packages were for my computer–screen protector and RAM to be exact.  I spent a lot of money in one week!  But that’s not all…

Material Possessions had its 13th Anniversary Sale that weekend, too.  Now, a quilt shop having a sale is a MUST GO TO.  Lets analyze my loot I came home with:

$1 fat quarters in the upper left corner
$3.50 per panel of Japanese prints in the upper right corner
All the fabric in the front was $4.50/yard, except for the far left one which was $5.50/yard.

$65 later, I walked out of the fabric store with about 10 yards of fabric.  <faints>

Yummy yum yum.  I was in fabric HEAVEN.  Tables upon tables were filled with sale fabric!  I didn’t know where to start!  Some fabric here has a purpose, others are just impulse buys.  But all will have to be put on hold because my Janome is being temperamental AGAIN.  Tonight I was trying to make a Note Taker for Dickson when my Janome started making funny noises.  So I switched over to the Singer, only to remember (after many failed attempts) that it can’t really do heavy duty sewing.  Bah.  I managed to break a needle, too.  So I basically have been on sewing withdrawal since finals week and I haven’t really been able to sew and complete anything.  How sad!

Anyway, one last nerdy-hobby thing:

Dickson got me Logic Studio for graduation.  It’s 40 GB of music software goodness.  The program is 7 GB and the rest is all music bits!  YAY!  We’re currently making our own little song…it’s full of drums and wonky sounds.  Now Dickson can I say that I do more than just sew 🙂

Anyway, so with the sewing machine out for awhile, that means no sewing.  Which is sad because my 100th post is coming up and I was going to do a giveaway.  Looks like I’ll just postpone it. 

One last big thing.  Today (erg, yesterday technically) was my 1 year anniversary with Penny (my car).
Kristine + SC2 Silhouette

In one year, I’ve learned to give her an oil change, washed her many times, gotten her windows tinted, and got her a new shifter.  I wonder what next year will hold…lowering job perhaps?

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3 Responses to Distractions

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh man, if you lower penny I’m not talking to you anymore. How exciting that you received your bag! I haven’t received mine yet… I am excited though! And super exciting about your new computer..

  2. jingting says:

    Ooh nice necklace! Where’d you get it, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂

  3. paperdreamer says:

    Your place looks so cool! It’s luxury compared to student quarters here 🙂

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