Moving is exhausting!

So, yesterday our lease began, so we stuffed our little cars with as much stuff as possible and drove up to LA. 

Dickson had to go to work during the day, so most of my day was spent walking back and forth between my car and unloading it.  The kitchen is 1/2 up (I couldn’t clean the cupboards cause they’re too tall), and the bathroom is of course completely up.  Beds?  HA, we’re using the same camping mats we were using this past weekend…

Fortunately, now that we’re closer to where he works, Dickson got home at a decent hour, and we even squeezed in a trip to Ikea.  We came home with this piece:

So that’s the most significant piece of furniture in the apartment right now.  That’s right, no table for my sewing machine, so I didn’t even bring it up yet.  But I do have a fine selection of N64 games and my TV is fabulous.

And yes, we did find something (in lime green) to fix my shorty-ness in the kitchen.  Actually it has served many purposes in the short time it’s been here:

1) chair in the bathroom while I brush my teeth
2) footstool in the kitchen
3) chair to sit on while putting on shoes
4) side table while using my computer on this table (in black-brown)

So this upcoming Saturday we’ll be moving the beds and big stuff up.  It’ll be super exhausting and I have no clue where we should park the moving truck.  Bah.  Moving is a slow and painful process.  We still have to book the truck.  Ugh!

My cable TV is being installed on Thursday, though!  Exciting!

Hopefully our apartment won’t take over my blog.  I still have tons of things I want to sew (all those summer skirts and shirts that are in the queue), but we’ve been so busy prepping and moving stuff I haven’t gotten a chance.  I just need to find me a good sewing table…something compact but decent sized.  Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to Moving is exhausting!

  1. Robyn says:

    I’ve been eying some of the Ikea tables as a replacement for my sewing table. I’m looking for something on the bigger side, but they have tons of stuff on the smaller side that looks great. Their dining tables are cute for a potential compact sewing table (I like the JOKKMOKK – who wouldn’t like a table with a name like that?), as are their desks with the legs that you can choose. It’s a fun item to buy! Also, it’d be ok if your apartment takes over your blog. Bring on the home dec!

  2. Lynn says:

    I really like big tables for sewing, but they have sewing cabinets that you can store your machine in when you’re not using it. Something like this:

  3. Judy says:

    Hey Kristine,

    I shot you an email this morning letting you know I received the wonderful checkbook cover.

    Ugh, your move sounds grueling…I had hoped for your sake it was completed. I do hope all goes smoothly between now and then.

    And just for the record…I love my checkbook cover!

    Thank you, again.

  4. Beth says:

    I hope that your move goes well. I wanted to drop you a comment to say that I made a checkbook cover with your tutorial and it turned out lovely – a perfect fit. You can see pics at my blog: Thanks for helping beautify my daily life 🙂

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