Some Updates…Finally!

If you’ve missed me or wondered where I went–don’t worry, I’m still around.  Work and the apartment have kept both me and Dickson pretty busy, but we’re managing.  I finally got around to checking out what pictures I have on my camera, and I found a bunch of Yosemite photos.  Most of them are of my cousin‘s dog though (Lynn, I posted 3 total on Flickr for you to download), so not much to share.  I was rather camera lazy this year.

In other news, last time I checked in, my apartment was pretty pathetic.  I’m happy to say it’s just about done with furnishing and the decorations are slowly going up.  I did finally get to make pillows for our new couch, and I’d have to say the living/TV room is 99% done.  Just have to get one more canvas art up and it should be ready for the WWW.  But in the meantime, here are the pillows.

The fabric is “What’s Your Number” by Alexander Henry.  Dickson loves this fabric.  I made him a monitor cover with it.  And yep, that’s my new couch.  It’s brown. Yep, it’s Ikea.

Here’s a closeup of the pillows.  I made the topstitching symmetrical so the pillows look like they have to come in a pair.  I thought about quilting it, but I figured the numbers will do enough.  Fortunately, since they are just pillow covers on a pillowform, I can make another set that is quilted…and maybe not monochrome. 🙂

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of posts on Apartment Therapy.  Although, it makes me feel like I’m way too poor and cheap to have a “modern” or “gorgeous” or “designer” apartment.  We did however pick up a gem of a coffee table off of Craigslist.  You know when you hear about people finding such GREAT finds on Craigslist and all you can find is crap?  Well, I FINALLY feel like I found something and snatched up a GREAT item before everyone else!  😀

We’ve also been contemplating adopting a dog.  In early August, we checked out a rescue org nearby and I found the sweetest American Bull Dog/Pit mix named Hope.  Unfortunately, our apartment complex doesn’t allow bull dogs or pits.  Ugh, I was so grumpy.  But we went back today and we met a sweet golden retriever named Nala.  We’re still thinking about all the logistics to owning a dog…our biggest issue still being what to do when we’re at work and what to do if we go on a vacation–even if it’s just a weekend vacation.  Lots to think about…

We also went to the Dave Matthews Band concert on Tuesday night at Staples.  It was so awesome!!  The opening band played for an hour followed by 3 hours of DMB!  It was so much fun!  I’ve been in a really good mood since, always humming to myself haha.  Although, going out and staying up late on a Tuesday night is not good for Wednesday work haha…both Dickson and I were completely fried and out of it on Wednesday.  I think I actually gave in and had a cup of (free) coffee from our library, which then gave me a headache.  I guess I shouldn’t drink black coffee–too strong!

Today we went to Target and I forgot to pick up a folding table for my sewing machine.  So….I am sewingmachineless again.  Looks like anymore sewing/decorating will have to wait…

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1 Response to Some Updates…Finally!

  1. Lynn says:

    Yay, a post! Chris is excited to see DMB, we’re going for 3 days. Go buy a table so you can sew again!

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