Living Room Almost Done

No, I don’t have a sewing table yet.  Long story.  I have one picked out…I just don’t HAVE it yet.  Maybe this weekend 🙂

We’re just about done decorating our living room. 

The coffee table is a vintage 1950 Heywood Wakefield table we found on Craigslist awhile ago.  We LOVE this table.  It’s my favorite piece in the apartment.

The only thing I still have to figure out is what to do about the curtains.  I’m also going to add some wall decals of birds flying between the flower prints on the wall (whee, I love my Marimekko fabric).  Ideas on the curtains though?  I’m going to put them over the vertical blinds since I have no where to store the blinds if I take them down.  We have 2 closets in the whole apartment.  TWO.  Who can live off of so few closets?

In the crafty news, I’m joining a crochet-a-long for a sampler afghan.  Well, I think I am.  It doesn’t help that the nearest JoAnn and Michaels isn’t very super close.  It’s not like a 5 minute drive away anymore.  We live in a pretty quiet area, which is nice, but the only thing that is not out of the way is Home Depot.  Good for when things break, bad for my crafting habit.

<sigh> I need a vacation.  Racking up vacation time takes SO LONG.

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2 Responses to Living Room Almost Done

  1. Robyn says:

    LOVE the coffee table!

  2. Judy says:

    Your room looks inviting.

    Two closets is minimal…I hope they are roomy closets.

    I look forward to seeing you get back into sewing…I’m still enjoying my checkbook cover. 🙂

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