Miss me everyone?

I’m super excited for this time of year.  My FAVORITE time of year.  The time where I think of all these wonderful gifts only to take FOREVER to make/buy them because I’m a slacker.  The time where the office is pretty quiet because a lot of people go on vacation (not me though–not enough vacation yet!).  The time when I can think about stuff I want.  Birthdays.  New years.  Thanksgiving.  CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

Oh and of course the time of year where I can dream I earned enough money to justify buying myself one of these: 

Things hopefully coming up this winter season (between now and before Valentine’s day):

1) Lots of xmas gift posts.
2) Kitchenaid mixer cover tutorial.
3) more apartment decorating posts (hello hallway runner rug that’s going to be my practice free-motion quilting project).
4) I’ll finish the afghan that’s been on indefinite hold…


For Thanksgiving, we went up to see my cousin and spent the entire weekend eating, playing Rock Band, and playing with her dog Lucy.  Wow it was exhausting.  We drove back early early in the morning, and got to Kettleman City just in time for McDonald’s breakfast and the sunrise.  Since we left so early, we had NO TRAFFIC.  Just lots of fog.  I guess winter really IS here.

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3 Responses to Winter!

  1. Dickson Fong says:

    Beautiful car in the last photo. Who’s is it?

  2. Lynn says:

    I think I see a little light shining through on the right front bumper… j/k. It was so good to see you, but I have to agree, it was exhausting!

  3. Dickson Fong says:

    Let there be light! And it was good!


    I take that back. The hole sucks.

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