I’m finally kicking my butt and starting to make my Christmas presents.  I mean, with a new table to sew on (one that doesn’t compulsively shake while the machine gets to work), how could I not?

Obviously, my crafting is slowly exploding all over the apartment.  It’s okay…I’ll clean up once December passes.

So here’s a sneak peak at my current project:

The blue fabric is taffeta.  I love trying out new fabrics (although it fails quite often), and taffeta was quite the challenge because I couldn’t iron it too much (or else it would probably burn, mark, and dieeee), and it shifted a lot during quilting since I couldn’t pin it (otherwise it’d look like a pin cushion gone wrong).  So the solution was to cut pieces bigger than I needed and then cut the pattern to size later.  Fortunately (erg, maybe not), taffeta is also not water friendly, so that means I won’t risk any quilting shrinkage problems since…well, it won’t be washed.  Haha.  What a high maintenance project.

The yellow fabric is obviously for some sort of lining.  It has pink elephants on it, too.

I’ve also started crocheting a lot, too, since we visit my parents (and the cats) a lot in OC.  Paisley approves very much since that means she gets to go into my room to keep warm.

So since we travel back and forth a lot, I’ve been working with yarn.  It’s easier than lugging my machine around 🙂  Here’s a peak at what I’ve been working on (sorry, won’t tell you who it’s for!)

This one is made from this GORGEOUS yarn I found from See Jayne Knit on Etsy.  It’s handpainted wool with brown and berry colors (  So absolutely gorgeous.  I love love love this yarn.

This one is made from alpaca.  I think it’s pretty obvious what it is.  I finished it while Dickson was washing the car.  I’ve made one of these hats for myself before and I love love the pattern.  I did make a minor change inspired by a cute Nike running beanie I saw at the mall the other day.  It’s a hole for your ponytail!  One thing I’ve always not liked about beanies in general is that I always have to let my hair down while I wear it, otherwise I have this bump.  NO LONGER.  I can be stylish without having to wear a baseball cap now!  BWA HA HA HA.

And just because she’s so cute:

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1 Response to Holidays…Yipee!

  1. Lynn says:

    Paisley’s so cute! Can’t wait to see what you’re making. I just realized I never answered your emails, but basically if you’re going to wash it in the future, and you’re using different types of fabrics, you should prewash it. If some of the fabrics you’re using have been prewashed, you should prewash the rest of it. If you’re never going to wash it, don’t worry about it.

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