Amy Butler Swing Bag for Mom

Introducing my last 2008 project.  Normally, a lot of my projects fall off the queue or end up staying in my “to make” list for a LONG time.  Surprisingly, this one was on the list for less than a year!  YAY!!!!

It’s a modified version of Amy Butler’s Swing Bag.

I added a couple of features.  First, I added a button closure (last minute decision since I forgot to put in the magnetic snap I originally decided on).  I also opted to not make the bag reversible by adding a special drawstring compartment.

The exterior fabric was actually one of the fabrics my mom picked out during our trip to Hawaii.  It also shows up inside the drawstring bag:

If I made this again, I’d actually make the drawstring bag a little taller so that can peek out when the bag is closed.  The drawstring compartment was actually inspired from a bag that my mom was checking at a shop in Hawaii.  However, the bag was $45, and she didn’t really like any of the fabrics that it came in.  So, we decided I’d eventually try to duplicate it to the best of my ability.  And she’s happy with it, so yay!

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2 Responses to Amy Butler Swing Bag for Mom

  1. Jody says:

    Did you use the duck bloth as the pattern says for the interfacing…or did you just use regular interfacing? Thanks

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