Blue Diamond Quilted Taffeta Bag

I finally gave Lynda (my cousin from NYC) her Christmas present so now I can post about it.

This is a bag from a bag book I found at Borders months ago while attempting to study or do homework for school.  I modified it a bit here and there to suit my liking.

The blue fabric is taffeta that I got from JoAnn’s.  I quilted the body with a diamond pattern.  I really really like diamond patterns for quilting.  It’s simple but classic.  I did something similar for my mom’s mixer cover, too.  I started doing this type of quilting because I love the pattern on my CK purse.

The connector rings are oxidized sterling silver.  I got them on Etsy from prolifique.

The interior:

The yellow interior fabric was actually the inspiration for the bag.  The idea was to create a nice bag but with a little bit of secret funk.  I added a slip and zippered pocket as well as a magnetic snap.  Yes, those pink things are elephants.  No, I didn’t mean to have the klean kanteen fit inside perfectly.

The bottom of the bag is oval shaped.   I still don’t like sewing curves.  It always takes a couple tries to get it right.

Did I mention how frustrating taffeta is to work with?

For one, you have to be super careful when you iron it.  Second, it likes to pull in weird ways so even if you think you cut something straight, it might not be so straight.  Which was fine for the body but it made the handles major pain in the butt to sew.  I actually made three or four handles before I finally had two decent looking ones.  Third, you can’t pin it since the pin holes will stay in the fabric forever!  Actually, I take that back.  You CAN pin it, provided you only pin within the seam allowance.  This really sucked when I was basting stuff since basting uses a 1/4″ seam allowance.  The pinning problem wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the forth problem.  Taffeta is slippery.  Two layers just don’t want to stick together.  This is why I love felt, flannel, and even interfacing.  They stick together without pins.  Taffeta…not so much.  Ughhhhh.

So after all the pain, resewing, swearing, I’m happy to say that I like this bag a lot.  I’d say it’s one of my favorite bags that I’ve made so far.  Too bad I won’t be battling taffeta again for a lonnnnnnnng time.

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2 Responses to Blue Diamond Quilted Taffeta Bag

  1. Lynn says:

    all your projects look so great! I’ve never worked with taffeta… when i do i’ll call you!

  2. Lynn says:

    Dude, I think it’s time for an update….

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