Ah the Swissy Goodness

So my cousin has reminded me that I haven’t updated.  Well, that’s because I’ve been sick.  Ugh.  But I have done some sewing 🙂

We’re in the process of finally decorating the computer room and we’ve allocated an area to be a nice quiet nook/lounging area.  Of course, lounging areas need pillows.  So pillows, here we come!

Mixed Front and Back side:

The fabric is from Ikea.  Dickson let me loose in the textile department.  We spent longer there than we did in the show room.  Is this a bad thing?  The prints are from the Gisella and Patricia collection.

The covers are 26″ squre and the pillow inserts are 28″ square.  I used this opportunity to tackle invisible zippers with the help of this tutorial.  And it turned out well! 

The hardest part was stuffing the insert into the case.  Normally this is not a problem, but the longest zipper I could find was 22″ and the pillow insert had a foam core surrounded by polyester stuffing.  Not the easiest thing to squish.

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3 Responses to Ah the Swissy Goodness

  1. Lynn says:

    SUPER CUTE! I love them.

  2. Mary says:

    Oh your pillows came out awesome! I love the colors and your pillow covers fit so well!

  3. Robyn says:

    I LOVE these pillows. Well done! Great fabric combos!

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