Emmeline Apron

I finally got around to making myself an apron.  I think I bought this pattern a year or so ago?  Anyway, so here it is!

The purple fabric is Kaffe Fassett Spots and the flame fabric is Alexander Henry Fire Girls.

The purple fabric is obviously my choice.  In fact, the apron style is my choice.  So to be nice, I chose a nice manly print for the other side so when Dickson’s cooking for me, he can feel manly.  Roar!  Grrr!  Arrrrr!  Grunt!  Like that 🙂  When I found the fabric, I was thinking, “flames!  perfect!”  Then, while I was getting it cut, I noticed there were womenly silouettes inside the flames.  I guess it definitely IS manly.

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2 Responses to Emmeline Apron

  1. Lynn says:

    Does Dickson fill out the front of the apron? It’s very cute. Hope you’re feeling better too!

  2. Judy says:

    Absolutely darling! I’ve thought of buying that pattern and never gotten around to it…yours turned out great!

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