Organizing Fabric…Fail!

So I’ve been trying to organize my fabric lately.  Dickson is letting me use the ENTIRE Expedit!  It’s only 8 cubby holes, but I’ll take what I can get.

After folding most of my fabric, it doesn’t REALLY look all that horrific.  I mean, I have bins and boxes lying around and scraps galore, but I think it might be able to all fit.  So I was excited and I got some drawers…

Ah, crap.  I miscalculated.  As always.  I seem to have the same problem when I cut fabric.  Measure 100000 times, and still mess up.  I folded all my fabric using my rotary cutter ruler thingy, which is 6.5″ wide.  I guess I need to figure out something smaller.  And then REFOLD everything!  Everything!  Bah!  I did fold all my fat quarters, too, but I’m still trying to find a place for them.

I haven’t decided how to sort it all yet.  I’ll probably separate out the major categories like quilting cotton, home-dec weight, linings/interfacings, etc.  But should I sort by color?  I imagine that would cause major headaches in the future if one of the bins that’s supposed to house my new purple fabric is completely full.  Maybe I’ll just be lazy.  But I love things sorted by color.  Even my clothes are sorted by color…

Oh well, it’s not like I need to decide until after I refold everything…

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2 Responses to Organizing Fabric…Fail!

  1. Christine says:

    I helped my mom organize her fabric, and most of hers was still on bolts. She has one wall covered with bolts, but we eventually got it down to type. We kind of did it by color, too, but with all the prints, it’s a lot harder than we thought!

  2. Lynn says:

    Oh good. When you figure this out you can come help me organize my fabric!

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