Patchwork Pillow

Finished my first pinwheel attempt!

This was a gift for one of my coworkers.  Originally it was going to be 9 pinwheels instead of the squares, but when I assembled the 9 pinwheels, there were just some really annoying corners that just didn’t line up.  Too bad 😦  Now I have 8 wonky pinwheels laying around with no purpose.  They were originally made of the other three fabrics used in this pillow.

Making the 9 pinwheels was my first time chain piecing.  BEST THING EVER.  I spent a lot less time snipping thread ends everything sewed up so much faster!  I guess in all that excitement, my pinwheels turned out…well, not so pinwheely.  I really need a 1/4″ foot.

The pink fabric is Posh by Chez Moi, yellow fabric is Martha’s Vineyard Watercolor by Susan Branch, green fabric is Jane Austen Emma, and blue/white one is a batik (I love it…it’s not as in your face as other batiks).  The rest is an Essex cotton/linen blend.

I only quilted around the linen in this case.  I wanted the center to stand out on its own.  The front quilting blends in with the linen, but the back I used a pale pink thread.  I didn’t get a chance to was the case after quilting, so it doesn’t have that crinkly quilting shrinkage goodness.  Oh well.  It’s already in the hands of its new owner and ready to be loved!

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6 Responses to Patchwork Pillow

  1. Lynn says:

    Cute! And yes, get a 1/4 inch foot. They’re fantastic.

  2. erica says:

    I love this pillow! I have a bunch of squares left from a ziq zag quilt that would be nice for a project like this!

  3. craftapple says:

    Well, if this one couldn’t be in a quilt then it really should be a pillow! Very cute.

    I followed you here from Flickr. I didn’t know where to start in Dihwa Jye either. I ended up visiting 3 shops that aren’t even on Dihwa Jye, but rather on other streets. Am I missing something? We walked all the way past the temple and all I saw were clothing (men’s shirt) fabric. Any help would be appreciated – I’m here for another week. Thanks!

    • Kristine Tsai says:

      Wish I could help, but I’ve only been there once (back in 2007). I vaguely remember at one of the intersections (with a smaller street or alley or big street, I’m not sure), there is a building that I THINK is white. It’s 3-4 stories tall, with white (dirty) tiled stairs. Each floor has AISLES of fabric vendors (mostly…sometimes you’ll see a bag vendor or some other random craft vendor). Across the street from the building, there is (or was) a vendor that sells delicious iced tea and such. Hm, this is all I can really remember…do let me know if you find it! 😀

      • CraftApple says:

        Just checking back a year later to say I found it! I found the fabric market in Taipei. Very fun wandering the aisles filled with fabric. Just in case anyone else is looking for it, the building is called 永樂市場. Thanks, Kristine!

      • Kristine Tsai says:

        YAY! That’s super exciting! I can’t wait to go again one day 🙂 It’s pretty amazing to walk around isn’t it?

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