Zig Zag Quilt

It’s been a busy holiday season. Have you all survived? 🙂

I’ve been frantically finishing up this quilt all last week. I had the top pieced awhile ago, but I was pretty sluggish about sandwiching and quilting it.

I was looking for a quilt that was quick to piece but would still look really cool. The ladies of the LAMQG directed me to this WONDERFUL zig zag quilt tutorial that doesn’t use triangles! I omitted two zig zags (one row) from the pattern, bringing the quilt to about 40″ (ish) square.

The front is made entirely from my stash. I LOOOOVE this purple. I was saving it for a shirt (that never got made), so when I went to pick out fabrics for this quilt, it seemed to work out well. It’s a sateen. I love using sateen…the pretty sheen it has really adds to the rich purple. It frays a bit more than Kona cotton, which did cause some minor troubles, but I fixed them.

The back is a single print, and I almost ran out of fabric for it! Ugh! The fabric is Picadelly by Pamela Mostek. The dark purple matched PERFECTLY.

I stitched in ditch (easier than the last time I tried, surprisingly), and then echo quilted on the purple 1/2 inch away from each ditch. I thought about doing more lines in the purple, but by the time I finished the quilting, it was 11 PM and I was tired and had rest for Disneyland the next day! But, the quilt is nice and soft, and the binding came together pretty easily.

More to come soon!

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2 Responses to Zig Zag Quilt

  1. Robyn says:

    Awesome! Zig zag quilts intimidate me. I’m impressed! Also? I adore the purple, too.

    • Kristine Tsai says:

      Zig zag quilts used to intimidate me, too! But I love this non-triangle construction. I know triangles are easy to make, but I think squares are easier to cut and less prone to error. Definitely a good way to get to know the zig zag quilt. I want to incorporate it into a bag now!

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