A Disneyland Birthday!

Last week, I turned 26, and dragged Dickson to Disneyland for the day! This year, Disneyland had this (smart) promotion where you can get in on your birthday for free (with valid ID, of course). Everyone who came on their birthday got a nice button/pin thing to wear with their name written on it. There were SO many people there celebrating birthdays! From the young to the old, it was so cool! I guess I’m not so special…

For dinner, I got myself a happy piece of chocolate (oh so very chocolately chocolate) cake. It was delicious! And rich. The top had sprinkles and a giant pink Mickey Mouse shaped sprinkle, too!

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was so pretty! During the day it had snow, ornaments, lights and garland.

In the evening, the whole thing lit up all purple and pretty!

It was SO crowded that day. There were literally swarms of people and there were even Disney employees directing traffic. Space Mountain had a 2 hour line (but we picked up a Fast Pass around 10:40 AM for a 6:45 return time…) and Pirates of the Carribean had a 1 hour line! Crazy!

The fireworks show was so great! When I was a little kid, we used to always sit and wait for the Electrical Parade, but since it’s no longer at Disneyland (it’s at California Adventures), you could see people gathering down the entire stretch of Main Street waiting for the fireworks to start. And it was amazing!

The most exciting part of the show was the snow! It snowed on my birthday!

We also finally got the chance to go on the new Finding Nemo Submarine ride. It’s basically like the old submarine ride, except it’s updated to feature the characters from Finding Nemo. It was pretty neat! They managed to project actual animation into the water, and I think they used original voices.

It’s a Small World was also decked out in holiday cheer. They also added extra excitement when the clock chimes every 15 minutes. The little characters come out and do their usual thing, but then AFTER that, the whole Small World structure is used as some sort of projection screen and they show all sorts of holiday clips while playing holiday music. It was amazing. The electric bill must be horrendous. But I’m sure that’s built into the $72 you pay to get in.

By the end of the night, after we went on Mattehorn one last time (LOVE that ride), we finally went home. We were there from 9:20 AM to 11:40 PM. Long long day. Although I’m sure Dickson was exhausted just from the sheer amount of people. Me? I was one happy birthday girl. Even though everywhere I went I saw at least two people who had MY birthday 🙂

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1 Response to A Disneyland Birthday!

  1. Lynn says:

    so fun! and dickson looks exhausted!

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