Baby Quilt

Finished a baby quilt for my coworker’s new baby girl. I kept it simple and used one print in the front and one print in the back.

One side is Alexander Henry’s Monkey’s Bizness 2-D Zoo Primary (LOVE the bright and happy colors) and the other side is from Heather Bailey’s new Nicey Jane line (super cute…I love dots!)

I also included a little tab on the back using some grosgrain ribbon. I haven’t been told the baby girl’s new name (they’re still deciding), so I figured a little tag would be good to put her name on it at a later date. I also rounded the corners with a bowl before binding. I think it gives it a nice baby-quilt look.

I (unwillingly) bound the quilt in pre-made double fold bias tape. I had originally planned to buy some Kona cotton, or even some polka-dot print, but I didn’t realize I forgot to grab the fabric when I was in the cut line at JoAnn’s! Ugh, even Dickson knows how horrendous the cut line at JoAnn’s can be. At least it gave me a chance to practice machine binding, and I didn’t have to bring my iron out to actually make bias tape.

I folded the quilt in quarters and then rolled it up into a little bundle. I wrapped the whole thing in a strip of paper with a small note printed in the front (see the first photo). Oddly enough, this was inspired by my new Yogitoes Skidless mat. I think I’m going to do this with all my baby quilt gifts from now on!

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