Pi Pie

I love Pi Day. Seriously, it’s a good excuse to be nerdy AND eat delicious food. Like Pi Pie.

This is my very first legitimate attempt at apple pie. My very first apple pie was done in cooking class in 6th grade, and I don’t remember much about it. Other than that it was a lattice top crust, and that I probably didn’t do much of the chopping. I got this recipe from Joy the Baker. If you haven’t seen her blog, it’s awesome. Lots of yummy stuff to try. The sweet potato pie is delish, too.

The crust is AWESOME. Flaky and delicious! Anything that uses a lot of butter HAS to be delicious. Brioche? Yum. Croissants? Yeahhhh. Lobster dipped in clarified butter? Mmmmm!

The recipe uses a combination of granny, pink lady, and fuji apples. I used 3 grannies, 1 pink lady, and 1 fuji. The combination was a hit. No hint of sourness, but not overly sweet either. LOVE.

This was also my first try at really doing the pretty pie crust edge. Before, when I did my pumpkin or sweet potato pie, I just did the fork imprints around the edge.  I used this site for tips on how to do a pretty edge. The scalloped edge lent very well to my pie plate. Maybe THAT’S why the plate is wavy on the top!

My next pie? Either pear or strawberry! Yum!

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