Baby Janome!

What’s this? For me?

I’ve been thinking about getting a new machine since around Christmas time when I had to lug all my sewing stuff to my parents house. My big machine weighs a whopping 19 pounds, so I thought a smaller machine would fit the bill. So I finally ordered myself a Janome AQS2009 on Friday and it arrived in FOUR DAYS!

12 pounds, 20 stitches, and computerized! Hard cover case included!

It’s so tiny! I need to get a picture of my two machines next to each other. The AQS2009 is surprisingly louder than my MC4900, but the stitches are beautiful and she sews like a dream.

So I set the machine up in my old sewing spot at my parent’s house and I brought along the fabric for the LAMQG Bee to get Lisa’s blocks done. Lisa sent each of us some of her Hope Valley prints along with some solids and asked for pretty much anything. She likes log cabins so I opted to do that with two blocks and played a bit with the third.

I dreamed up this block up at work. It’s kind of like a log cabin with the rotation of the prints. I actually had to resew this block because I was having trouble getting the tension on my machine right. Turns out I was threading my bobbin wrong…I needed to pull it further when threading it (weird). But once I got that (amazing what reading the manual can do hah), everything was perfect, so I mustered up the courage to redo the block.

This log cabin is mostly made of solids. It almost came out too small. The dark blue border is going to be tiny once it’s joined up with the other blocks.

This one uses more prints. I made it after the previous block and was obviously compensating by using larger pieces so I wouldn’t risk making a block too small.

I love Hope Valley. I’m in the process of cutting all my fat quarters into squares to make a quilt for myself.

One more shot of baby Janome since I’m still giddy.

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3 Responses to Baby Janome!

  1. Lynn says:

    YAY! What does the hard cover look like? And yes, my janome jem is much louder than my big machine too.

  2. Judy says:

    Good for you! New machines are so much fun. I love your blocks. Enjoy. oxo

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