Busy Busy Busy

I feel like I’ve been super busy lately. Work, sewing, eating, sleeping, apartment hunting. Dickson and I are moving soon, and I am NOT looking forward to packing. BLEH! I’m just glad I have tomorrow off. Thank goodness!

I finally got the chance to try out the Grilled Cheese Truck! It finally wandered over near my office a few weeks ago, and my coworker and I went to check it out. Mac and Rib sandwich? DELICIOUS. I would’ve gotten a picture of my sandwich (macaroni and cheese with pulled bbq pork), but by the time I realized it, my hands were greasy and my mouth was full of yummy macaroni. Now, to find that Cool Haus truck

In sewing news, I finally finished my Bee Mod blocks for Leslie. We were given various green and purple scraps to work with. Love these fabrics!

In this block, I tried to highlight Mr. Gnome and his friend. I think this is from Heather Ross’ new prints through Spoonflower? I tried to get a little wonkyness into the block. It’s tough for me to do wonky. I seem to prefer right angles when I sew. Not sure why.

This block started off really cool, with just the car and animal print. I miscalculated and it didn’t turn out square, so I had to add some borders and somehow in the process I unsquared my non-square and now the whole thing is lightly wonky. I’m not a big fan of my border pieces, since I ran out of the gray/white. Leslie, feel free to rip them out and resew them (and make the block bigger if you want). These should be in the mail this weekend.

Speaking of Bee Mod, I finally kind of figured out what I want to do for my month! Yay! It’s going to be a bright and happy quilt FOR ME! I haven’t actually made myself a quilt since I started actually quilting. All the quilts I’ve made were gifts. I can’t wait to have one to call my own!

Dickson and I recently bought some new toys. These are Ye Olde English Dunnies from Kidrobot. In fact, I’ve decided to attempt to paint my own Munny. There are some really cool ones out there…hopefully mine turns out good, too!

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