Kathy’s Block

I get a break this month for Bee Mod because it’s MY month! YAY! I’m starting to get blocks back, and it’s SUPER exciting. When I get more, I’ll post some pictures.

So, in the meantime, I joined the Orange County Modern Quilt Guild along with their quilting bee “Bee Outside the Box”. This month is Kathy’s month and she requested a very colorful wonky log cabin. Luckily, she precut the wonkiness into each of the pieces so I didn’t have to step too much out of my non-wonky comfort zone. You can see more blocks here.

This quilt is going to be SUPER colorful. Just in time for summer!

Speaking of the OCMQG, we had our VERY first meeting on Thursday night. We’re still small–only six of us made it to the meeting, but it was loads of fun. Not much time was spent planning since we were constantly sidetracked by pretty fabric and gorgeous quilts! I’ve been inspired to finally start a Dear Jane quilt. And YES, THAT’S RIGHT, it’s going to be purple! I’m still debating if I want to go with white background fabric or some linen-colored quilter’s linen. And yes, maybe I’ll add some colors…like magenta and maybe some greens, teals, and blues. So exciting!

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