Thread Stash

I never realized that I’ve never shown you my stash. I’m slowly organizing it, and ever since we’ve moved, my storage has DOUBLED.

Ikea Expedit hard at work.

Dickson probably thinks it’s getting out of hand.

Lucky for him, I do have my thread under control. I keep it in an Artbin thread box that I picked up at Joann’s. Most of my thread is collected over many many projects. I rarely buy thread randomly. My early days of sewing was bags and accessories, so about half of my thread (and the more colorful half) is polyester. I quilt most of the time now, so the cotton thread stash is growing. Very slowly.

My ArtBin Thread Box.

As you can see, my cotton thread consists mostly of boring colors–white, offwhite, black, gray. I’m slowly accumulating colors, but those are on a per-project basis. I find that I tend to quilt and piece with neutrals. I do have some elastic and heavy duty thread tucked in there. You know, for shirring and hemming my jeans.

Here are my bobbin organizers. I LOVE bobbin savers. My cousin sent me one a lont time ago and I haven’t looked back since. I do keep my cotton and poly bobbins separate, and they fit nicely into my thread box.

Bobbin savers–one for cotton, one for polyester.

For my older projects, I did match thread perfectly to my project. Nowadays I still do, but I don’t force myself to. I contrast thread occasionally, and when the color variation is too big, I go for neutrals like gray and off-white. However, I always sew with the bobbin matching the top thread. The only time it does not is if I’ve run out of thread, or if I’m top stitching a bag.

Quilted Taffeta Bag
This bag uses dark blue for the outer top stitching, and a coordinating pink in the lining.

Bento Box Quilt
These quilts are quilted in off-white thread.

Bike Tube Closeup
Occasional use of contrasting thread.

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4 Responses to Thread Stash

  1. Great pics of your storage – love those white storage boxes from Ikea, I use some of the large flat ones for fabric. I think I totally need some of those bobbin keepers!

  2. Renee says:

    Love the bobbin holders. Where did you find those? Of course so far three bobbins has been enough for me (one black one white and one color) and my sewing machine holds 4 or 5 in the little flip down drawer.

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