Holiday Swap

Our quilt guild had our first Holiday Party on Saturday! And with the party were fun freebies and a holiday swap! Here’s what I made:

The pillow is machine pieced. I used these tutorials (which are basically the same, but different pictures always help). These tutorials use a piecing+ironing technique to assemble the base, as opposed to all ironing. I can’t iron accurately AT ALL, so this definitely helped keep my final squares square.

The windows are made from pieced shot cottons. Cathedral window pillows/quilts always make me think of cathedrals (duh) and stained glass windows, which is the look I was going for here, while still keeping it simple and modern (and not wonky hah).

Here’s the back. It’s pieced from some Kaffe and some Bonnie Blue Basics by Paula Barnes. I was super excited to find the Kaffe print because it reflects the front colors perfectly! The back is quilting with alternating wavy and straight lines. I used Elizabeth’s pillow tutorial as a guideline to make the back. For once I had enough overlap! It’s quite a doozy getting the pillow form in, but once it’s in, it’s IN!

I love love love this pillow! It was tough to give it away, but it was quite loved in our white elephant exchange 🙂 It was really fun to watch the pillow top come together as I sewed the windows in. Super cool. I might make myself one using a Kona snow base or maybe even a linen base some time soon!

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2 Responses to Holiday Swap

  1. quiltfever says:

    I love your cathedral window with the pieced insert fabrics. I have never seen one done this way. Fabulous!

  2. Lynn says:

    Your pillow is SO NICE. Come teach me how to make one!

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