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Hyperbolic Crochet

This is so cool. It appeals to my engineering side, I guess, even if it’s more mathematical. It’s about using crochet to model hyperbolic space, because apparently, mathematicians originally thought it was impossible. After watching it, I was compelled to … Continue reading

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My Janome’s at the doctor. Poor thing. She’s been cluky, noisy, and everything she shouldn’t be at 7 months. Bah. So, as much as I’m dying to sew (HELLO, summer skirts!) and as much as I want to start setting … Continue reading

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Little Things Lately

Ah, so with all my junk blog entries lately, what have I been up to? Spending money, for one. This is Modern Flora by Jessica Jones. It’s home dec weight…super cute. Not sure what to do with it yet, but … Continue reading

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Marimekko Fabric

This weekend, Dickson and I went to the Carlsbad outlets. It’s been awhile since we went. We both picked up some new jeans (ugh, so hard to find good ones nowadays!)…Dickson got two pairs of Lucky Brand Jeans, and I … Continue reading

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Some fun games

Wheeee, I love this game. Good for playing while you’re waiting for that last lazy family member to get up so you can open Christmas presents. This one isn’t too bad either. Enjoy 🙂 Time to finish up Christmas presents!

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