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Hyperbolic Crochet

This is so cool. It appeals to my engineering side, I guess, even if it’s more mathematical. It’s about using crochet to model hyperbolic space, because apparently, mathematicians originally thought it was impossible. After watching it, I was compelled to … Continue reading

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Happy Pi(e) Day!

Happy Pi-Day everyone! Go out and eat some pie at 1:59 🙂

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2007 LA Auto Show

Whee! This past Friday I went to my first ever auto show! I got to sit in a lot of fancy schmancy cars, too! Here are a few highlights. Lots more pics on Flickr. 🙂 Ah, the mature adults we … Continue reading

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To-Buy list

Heeehee, so many cool nerdy gadgets I want/need/will get! 1) New digital camera: Panasonic FZ-8 (check!) 2) New iPod Classic (and a new Fatty…erg, Nano, and a new shuffle hehehe…I wish!): 160 GB of gooooodness 3) New computer: I’m running … Continue reading

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*drumming fingers*

BAH! I hate waiting for grades. It sucks. It’s like, why can’t they grade tests faster? I know, I know…professors and TAs have other lives, too, but so do I and my life says I want to know my grades … Continue reading

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