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Some Updates…Finally!

If you’ve missed me or wondered where I went–don’t worry, I’m still around.  Work and the apartment have kept both me and Dickson pretty busy, but we’re managing.  I finally got around to checking out what pictures I have on … Continue reading

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Little Piggy!

I have this strange obsession with pigs mostly because I was born the year of the pig. Actually, and because they’re cute and intelligent. But, I don’t have a pig stuffed animal…Oliver doesn’t count because that Old-McDonald-singing pig was my … Continue reading

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Why Mommy?

I think this face is appropriate for today: This is Paisley loafing around and asking me a few things just by looking at me.  First, she’s asking me why I normally cover up the beautiful maroon carpet she loves.  Usually, … Continue reading

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Little Things Lately

Ah, so with all my junk blog entries lately, what have I been up to? Spending money, for one. This is Modern Flora by Jessica Jones. It’s home dec weight…super cute. Not sure what to do with it yet, but … Continue reading

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Ah, lately I’ve been feeling like I’m using “old” fabric for all my projects. So what better to do on my day off than to go fabric shopping! They’re paired up by project. I’m super excited! This set of fabric … Continue reading

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