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So, this is post #100.  This post was supposed to be my first big giveaway post, but alas, my poor Janome seems to be making loud noises (not purring like she should be when sewing), so Dickson convinced me to … Continue reading

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Mini Tour

So the other day, Dickson and I went to downtown LA to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall. After a lot of driving around one way streets, we never reached our destination. I did get some pics though. I’ve always … Continue reading

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Santiago and Witch Fires

It’s been a smokey few days here with the fire so close to home. Fortunately for us, it only got as close as the other side of the big hill behind us. And the wind is blowing it south, so, … Continue reading

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More Camera Photos

So the other night was a full moon. Except we realized after awhile that the full moon, while really pretty to the naked eye, is just plain boring to take photos of. <sigh> So, we drove to a nearby lookout … Continue reading

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Scarves finally done!

So, I’ve been slow about it, but I finished my patchwork scarves! I used the tutorial from Sew Mama Sew…except I made them grown-up-kid size (MY size! 🙂 ) One of them’s for me, and one of them is going … Continue reading

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