Here’s a link to the tutorials I’ve written. Please keep these for personal/noncommercial use. And do share in the original post if you’ve made one and taken pictures! Please let me know if you find errors or typos.

Prettier Checkbook Tutorial [Web Version] [Download PDF]
New Checkbook Cover

This tutorial instructs you on how to make your own PRETTY checkbook cover. No more ugly plastic ones! It’s great for using up those precious scraps you just don’t want to toss out.

It’s a Cinch Book Tote Tutorial [Web Version] [PDF Download coming soon, hopefully]
Loaded Book Tote

This book tote was originally designed to be made with reusable grocery bags (those cool polypropelyne ones) for their durability. The handles cinch the holding casing, giving the bag a cute semi-closed look when loaded with goodies. Various pocket options for this tote give you the chance to customize it to your needs.

Oh So Pretty Squishy Felt Christmas Tree Tutorial [Web Version] [Download PDF]

I didn’t get to buy myself a Christmas tree this year, so I decided to make one.  This one uses one craft-size pack of green felt from Michaels (36×36″ piece) a couple small sheets of brown felt.  Quilting on the layers gives the tree a little holiday oomph.  Basset hound and reindeer not included.

KitchenAid Mixer Cover Pattern [Web Version] [Download PDF]
Mixer Cover

My mom wanted me to make a cover for her new KitchenAid mixer.  I didn’t find many shapes/designs I liked online, so I drafted up my own.  It’s been over a year since I  made it, but here are some brief instructions on how to draft your own pattern for your own mixer (or other appliance) and some notes on how to sew it together.

Alternative Puzzle Ball Assembly [Web Version]
Puzzle Ball

I had trouble following the instructions to connect the wedges in the Puzzle Ball pattern from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, so I figured out my own way that also lets me take the puzzle apart.

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